Wintertime activities: watch a lunar eclipse and stargaze

Winter shows up, then we get the spring teaser. It is not pitch black dark at 5 anymore, days are getting a tad longer, so there is some good news. We have the Super Blood Wolf moon on deck, a total lunar eclipse coming up soon, very cool to see. Get ready for that on […]

Millville Volunteer Fire Co. hosts Outdoorsman Marketplace Saturday

MILLVILLE — The Millville Volunteer Fire Company, on Del. 26 (35554 Atlantic Ave.), is hosting its inaugural Outdoorsman Marketplace from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, presented by the Voice Radio Network’s The Vault Classic Rock 103.5 &102.9. The event benefits the Millville Volunteer Fire Company to help raise money for a new fire hall. […]

Harp seal a special New Year’s Day visitor at the beach

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fun holiday break, now it is back to the grind. New Year’s Day was 67 degrees, nothing like a mild summer day teaser for the first day of the new year. There were people all over the beaches exploring, looking for shells and treasures, and […]

Fish aren’t very hungry so bass action is limited

Some of us would pay real money for a good striped bass bite right about now. The migratory fishing has been slow, and rumor has it the stock assessment coming out soon is not going to look very good. Anglers are picking off bass from the 8’s to Ocean City but the action is far […]

Striped bass in Delaware waters few and far between so far

As slow as the fishing has been for this time of year one would think it is the dead of winter. By slow I mean we are not seeing the striped bass here yet and that is getting later each year. The fishing for other species has been great but most people just want to […]

Only dogfish, but Fall Fish Bowl tournament was a lot of fun

Well it is windy again, and we just got out of a wacky weather weekend. This is all good weather for striped bass. The water temperatures are dropping and at prime conditions. We just need the migratory striped bass to realize that and drop by the beach on their way south. Gannets have also been […]

Bass action is random as temperatures drop

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy your weekend. The cold snap has gotten the bass moving even more and if you aren’t out there fishing, you will not catch. Action is good but random — we spent four hours Wednesday chasing the skunk, it happens. One day an area […]

Temperatures dropping but summer fish are still feeding

Someone apologize to Miss Summer, we miss her, she didn’t have to pack up and roll, she could have stuck around a bit longer! Apparently she took Mrs. Fall with her and left Old Man winter behind. Typical, wonder what he did now? The water temperatures are dropping steadily but at least slowly so the […]

Anglers are doing well in the surf

Hunters are digging this colder weather, the mosquitoes have been ruthless for the fall. The size of small hummingbirds and aggressive, drain a full grown adult in seconds. Hopefully this cold snap starts wiping them out. We are also hoping for some new fish action. Currently anglers are doing really well in the surf with […]

Weekend’s looking decent and fishing’s good in many areas

We are dodging a bit of a bullet with hurricane Michael, which is good news for all the War On The Shore surf fishing tournament participants. We are looking at a pretty decent weekend with fall-like temperatures. The fishing has been good in many areas. The surf has been producing a lot of summer snapper […]