Storms stirred up waters but beach fishing is still OK

Back-to-back tropical storms, one of which was a hurricane first. The waters are stirred up but surprisingly clear. The drive on surf fishing beaches look good, they took a bit of a beating and flattened out but they will build back up. The point took a little bit of a beating but it is just […]

Fishing is decent during storms if you’re in the right spot

  Despite the crazy weather storm Gordon hammered us with last weekend the fishing was decent if you were in the right spot. I know that sounds like a Captain Obvious statement, but it holds more truth in storm conditions. Getting into out of the way areas, or finding a spot that bait fish get […]

Good fishing with cocktail summer blues

A summer season endith, and second summer beginith! That’s right, every year we get a “locals” summer. The beaches are dead quiet on the weekdays and only the weekends are little crowded, but nothing like the summer. The fishing usually picks up by now as well with all the cocktail summer blues in the surf […]

The point has state’s best surf fishing

Second summer approaches and we are antsy to fish the point this weekend. I have been waiting for that area to open all summer. She changes shape every year and is the best surf fishing in Delaware hands down. Not to mention the scenery. It is the only beach that if the flies are bad […]

Get your gear prepared for fall striped bass fishing

Summer season is coming to an end, but the fishing will continue well into the fall and beginning of winter. If the water temperatures hold and are mild this year we will fish all winter. If you haven’t already, get that gear ready for fall striped bass fishing. You need better gear to handle the […]

Fishing is picking up in Sussex

We had a break from bad weather and now there has been more flooding up north. Expect the waterways to be stirred up by the weekend. Hopefully they will clear up, but that remains to be seen. The fishing has been picking up all around Sussex County, which is good new for anglers and bad […]

Catching fish is tough with storm runoff

The summer shot by and now we are into what is supposed to be the heat of the summer, which as of late has been more of a steam bath. My grass never looked better for this time of year, but the fact I have to mow it more is cutting into my fishing time. […]

It’s August! Waiting for the locals summer

It would be nice if we could get some serious sun showers … the rain is just sucking the life out of many people. Fortunately for us surf anglers this is perfect weather to fish the beaches. There are no crowds, no one in the way in the water, and the fish will stay closer […]

Be patient: It’s harder to hook fish in bad water

The weather as of late has not been too conducive to fishing, well catching, you can still fish bad weather. If this were the fall into winter it would be perfect for striped bass fishing but it is not that time of year. Granted fish still feed in the bad water, but it is more […]

Saltwater Fly Anglers an excellent club to join

Hot summer nights are now on the menu, well for the most part. We have had a few cooler nights, but they have been a reprieve from the hot days. The beaches are packed on the weekends, everyone is getting those last vacations in before September First gets here, my favorite day. It is when […]