Lower temperatures help fishing at inland bays

The weather is back to hot, but at least not as hot as the first heat wave. Summer ain’t over yet so be prepared for more hot days. Best to go fishing in the early morning and evenings when it is cooler, and the fish are more active. We have a lot of large dragonflies […]

Fishing starting to pick up

  Hope everyone had a safe holiday week, which for many is not over yet. Talk about a long weekend, like nine days of fishing and fun in the sun. The fishing has picked up a little bit, which is much better than it has started out this year. Everyone keeps saying it — “this […]

Man o’ wars make an early visit to the beach

We have some early visitors to the beach this year. Man o‘ wars washed up on the beaches at Fenwick Island over the past few days. Usually we don’t see these until August when they come up with the Gulf stream and get pushed to shore by an east wind. There is an eddie of […]

Sinking of the MV Twin Capes — a memorable experience

Submitted video/Rich King   Friday June 15th was the end of the final journey of the MV Twin Capes. We met the Delaware Bay Launch boats at Slaughter Beach around 5 that morning. We loaded onto one of the launches with the crew of the Coleen Marine company, headed by Tim Mullane. My buddy Dallas […]

Summer’s here and fishing is feeling the heat

Well, summer sure showed up in a hurry. I mean seriously we get the first nice weekend and it is nuclear hot out, and the fishing reacts accordingly. Usually in the dead of summer everything slows down, especially in the surf. Afternoon fishing is never as good as the mornings and evenings, for a number […]

Bad weather keeping fishing quiet

The weather, whether you like it or not, is still bad. Some days are better than others. I do prefer to fish the overcast days but it would be nice to see the sun a little more often and maybe dry us out a bit. Deer are bedding down in my front yard, I kid […]

Afternoon bite much better in cooler water

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze — it is now April in June. What is up with this crazy weather? I have no idea, but the water temperatures are holding great levels. The cooling off is keeping the water temperatures below 70 degrees. The afternoon bite is much better. Usually this time of year the […]

Sea bass action has been great for charters

I stand corrected, you all weren’t kidding when you said the weather has been horrible in Delaware. Sunny hot Florida was fun, but it is good to be home. Despite the foggy overcast weather, which is actually a great time to fish. It is also nice to get a break from the heat. My grass […]

Bluefish action is picking up at Cape Henlopen fishing pier and beaches

One of the best parts about fish showing up late is you get to fish for them a little longer or so it seems. At least the rain is not as bad and we have Memorial Day weekend coming. OK, honestly I have no idea how the weather is in Delaware — I am in […]

Striped bass catching is picking up

We saw a lot of short striped bass in the surf at the Chillaware Island Spring Surf Fishing Tournament, but not many keeper bass. Only one was landed on the beach at 3Rs. Not for lack of trying either, there was a buffet of food out there for any fish to dine on. Clams has […]