Barbara Bush’s priority was to her husband

Barbara Bush used to say that she thought her son, Jeb, was the most likely of their children to be a successful politician. That was then. This is now. I knew Barbara Bush back in the day. The Bush children, beginning with George W. and ending with Dorothy “Doro” ranged in age from early 20s […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: History and today’s poisonous political debate

What can we do about the poisonous present level of political discourse? On the one hand we have a name-calling president, who insults anyone who disagrees with him with junior high level invective — “Little Marco,” “Lying Ted,” “Crooked Hillary;” On the other hand we have people like Rep. Maxine Waters (D- Calif.), who calls […]

Meet Delaware’s first lady: Tracey Carney born into politics, public service

DOVER — In 1984, former Delaware Supreme Court Justice William Quillen lost the race for governor to Mike Castle, a Republican then serving as lieutenant governor who would go on to hold the state’s highest office for the constitutional maximum of eight years. Mr. Quillen’s youngest daughter, Tracey, was 22 at the time. Thirty-two years […]

COMMENTARY: Political speech faces 2018 election onslaught

The 2018 election is already upon us. Americans can expect an expensive one. Outside groups have spent tens of millions on Senate and House races already. A projected $3 billion will be spent on political advertisements through 2018. And there’s nothing wrong with that. “Money in politics” — long vilified by liberal commentators — simply […]

Dover councilman Lewis facing proposed censure

DOVER — Dover City Councilman Brian E. Lewis is facing a proposed action of censure for violating “the spirit and purpose” of the city’s code of ethics. The proposed censure is in response to Councilman Lewis’ public questioning in a Delaware State News article on Sept. 26, days after the city’s attorney already offered an […]

Hartly man fighting Kenton ticket gets case dismissed

SMYRNA — A 63-year-old Hartly man felt “vindicated” after his cell phone violation ticket was dismissed Monday. Richard Kepfer maintained he was ensnared in an alleged Kenton Police Department ticket mill designed to generate excessive town revenue when stopped on May 10. According to Mr. Kepfer, a Justice of the Peace Court 8 magistrate determined […]

Dover council president: Lewis may have violated ethics rules

  DOVER — Brian E. Lewis has upset fellow council members with the manner in which he questioned another council member’s potential conflict of interest. Councilman Lewis questioned fellow councilman Tanner W. Polce’s participation in a vote, days after the city’s attorney already offered an opinion. City Solicitor Nick Rodriguez issued his opinion on Sept. […]

COMMENTARY: Another Labor Day without labor reform

This Labor Day, millions of Americans will celebrate their day off with backyard barbecues and a family trip to the beach. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the holiday’s deeper meaning. Labor Day celebrates employees’ “freedom of association,” our right to choose the workplace best suited to us. Unfortunately, workplace freedom is not a reality […]

Trump is not America’s savior

This is in response to Ms. Beverly Monahan’s letter dated July 20, “Trump bringing back strength the U.S had been lacking.” It seems like Ms. Monahan has been watching far too many westerns. This is not the days when John Wayne comes riding in on a horse to save the day. This is real life! […]

Budget vote stalled, frustrations high

  DOVER — As of 10:30 Thursday, the second-to-last day of the fiscal year, representatives were still waiting to take the floor to vote on bills raising taxes. Democrats and Republicans did not have a deal for balancing the budget, increasing the possibility of the General Assembly exiting the state capitol in the early morning […]