Speak Out: Life after prison in Delaware

Readers reacted to a recent commentary describing how “collateral consequences” limit or deny those leaving jail basic rights to housing, food stamps, education, voting, employment, child custody and much more. • Good letter. Should be mandatory reading for all in youth or adolescent detention. — Jeffrey Dixon • The very simple solution which doesn’t get […]

Commentary: Life after prison in Delaware has unfair consequences

With each criminal conviction, the state of Delaware matter-of-factly tells the defendants how long they will spend behind bars. Hidden from view, in the “fine-print,” is a long list of additional penalties attached to these convictions. Only upon leaving prison and while attempting to rebuild their lives, do offenders experience, first-hand, how these non-prison “collateral […]

DOC employees surveyed on trust and commitment

DOVER — In search of a test subject for his dissertation on “servant leadership,” Wilmington University doctoral candidate Rick Brewer was turned down by companies like Southwest Airlines, Chick-fil-A, Wawa and Lowes. But, after a chance meeting with Delaware Department of Correction Commissioner Perry Phelps in July of 2017, he wound up snagging an even […]

Letter to the Editor: The Department of Correction’s lost society

We reside in a society constructed of a multitude of people in all shapes, sizes, colors, attitudes, dispositions, intellectual measures, moral caliber, mental capabilities, levels of financial status, etc. Recall the popular aphorism “It takes all types to make the world go around” which adds credence to the reality that no one should be disregarded […]

Report: Nurse’s actions ‘incompetent’ in Sussex inmate’s death

GEORGETOWN — A registered nurse’s supposed “incompetent” response prior to the 2016 death of an inmate brought a year’s license probation, according to a report issued by the Delaware Board of Nursing. The incident occurred on April 10, 2016, at the Sussex Community Corrections Center as Lisa Roseanne Peace was working an overnight shift, an […]

Chief of prisons reassigned, takes $28,000 pay cut

DOVER — Delaware Department of Correction Bureau Chief of Prisons, Steven Wesley, has been reassigned, said the agency. Effective Monday, Mr. Wesley will be moved over to Youth Rehabilitative Services as a professional standards administrator, according to DOC spokeswoman Jayme Gravell. The reason for the move is unclear, but it comes with a substantial $28,150 […]

Sound Off Delaware: Criminal justice reform

Readers reacted to a commentary by Rep. Sean Lynn headlined “New year, new session, new vision for reform.” • Hold the government accountable for all violations of law, including mishandling of evidence and especially misconduct of the police and prosecution. Open them up civilly. They work for ALL PEOPLE, now that an ERA is to […]

Commentary: New year, new session, new vision for criminal justice reform

The new year brings feelings of hope and optimism, and we make resolutions regarding our happiness, lifestyle and relationships. While there are a variety of reforms set to take place this session, such as improving access to voting and enshrining the historic Delaware Equal Rights Amendment in our state constitution, I am taking this time […]

Inmate acquitted for Feb. 1 riot, murder to sue state

DOVER — Deric Forney, an inmate recently found not guilty of participating in the 2017 Vaughn prison riot, has decided to sue the state, according to Dover attorney Stephen Hampton. In late October, Mr. Hampton announced a lawsuit against the state on behalf of more than 100 inmates housed in Vaughn prison’s C Building (the […]

Advocates question state’s autopsy reporting policy for prisoners

DOVER — Over the course of 2018, 14 inmates died in the Delaware Department of Correction’s care. With a prison population of over 5,000 inmates — many serving life sentences — this is an expected outcome. In 2016, the DOC reported 14 inmate deaths and in 2017, 10 more. However, beyond the names of the […]