Blades man fails to return to DOC

GEORGETOWN — A 26-year-old Blades man was sought after failing to return to Sussex Community Corrections Center from an approved work pass, the Delaware Department of Correction said Thursday. Mightys Gibbs’ whereabouts were unknown and unauthorized at this time, the DOC said. A warrant for escape after conviction was issued. Gibbs was described as a […]

Court rules against Vaughn prisoner in water heating device case

DOVER — A prisoner’s continuing attempt to contest violations resulting from his homemade water heating device was dismissed in the Delaware Supreme Court on Sept. 13 following a monthlong review. Agreeing with an earlier Superior Court ruling in a five-page order, Chief Justice Leo E. Strine Jr. noted the finding that inmate Devin Coleman “possessed […]

DOC touts updated training regimen success

DOVER — Using a combination of lecture, presentation and role playing, Delaware Department of Correction cadets were drilled Tuesday on how to effectively communicate in a complex prison environment. Emblematic of a common prison scenario, cadets assumed the roles of a correctional officer and “non-compliant” inmate refusing to undress and be searched. “You’re not searching […]

Three assaults reported in Delaware prisons within two days

DOVER — Three separate assaults on correctional officers took place over the course of two days, confirmed the Delaware Department of Correction. “Correctional officers perform a dangerous job and oftentimes encounter inmates with mental illness and behavioral challenges,” Deputy Commissioner Alan Grinstead said in a statement. “We offer interpersonal communication training to our officers so […]

Visitation canceled at prisons

  DOVER — Delaware’s Department of Correction announced it was canceling visitation and restricting movement in all of its level 5 prisons on Thursday amid reports of a rash of possible drug exposure-related hospitalizations in Ohio and Pennsylvania prisons. “We understand this may be inconvenient for family members, but we owe it to our staff […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The lost society

We reside in a society constructed of a multitude of people in all shapes, sizes, colors, attitudes, dispositions, intellectual measures, moral caliber, mental capabilities, levels of financial status, etc. Recall the popular aphorism “It takes all types to make the world go around” which adds credence to the reality that no one should be disregarded […]

SOU[ND OFF DELAWARE: Demolition of C Building

This is your public forum. We welcome your opinions, which can be emailed to or posted online under the stories at C Building in James T. Vaughn Correctional Center has sat vacant since the inmate uprising that left Lt. Steven Floyd dead there on Feb. 1 2017. However, it’s now slated for demolition, […]

Sussex Community Corrections Center offender flees into wooded area

GEORGETOWN — A 29-year-old Greenwood man fled from Sussex Community Corrections Center staff supervision into a wooded area Tuesday, the Delaware Department of Corrections said. According to the DOC, William Shelton was performing community service near Adams Road at the time. A search ensued and a warrant for escape after conviction was issued. Shelton was […]

AP exclusive: Survivor blames officials for prison riot

HOCKESSIN — Patricia May had a feeling of dread when she reported to work at Delaware’s maximum-security prison last year. For months, May had been concerned about her safety after being assigned to C Building at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna in late 2016. As she walked to her office on Feb. 1, […]

Founder of Interfaith Mission nominated for parole board

DOVER — When an unexpected call from the governor’s office arrived recently, Herb Konowitz was ready and quite able to do his duty. A longtime advocate for the homeless and a founder of the Dover Interfaith Mission, the 81-year-old Mr. Konowitz was well suited to join the Delaware Board of Parole, pending state Senate confirmation. […]