Building Bridges: Community activist promotes importance of conversation

REHOBOTH BEACH — Diaz Bonville looks at the world today and, with deep sadness, sees a nation — America the beautiful — divided by racial and social injustice. “My heart is broken that we had to get to this point,” said the 64-year-old resident of Rehoboth Beach. “I mean, I watch the news. I read […]

Caesar Rodney refines new equity and diversity coordinator position

CAMDEN — When determining the “vibe” for a coordinator of equity and diversity, Caesar Rodney School District administrators and school board members wanted to strike the balance between someone who could thoughtfully respond to students’ concerns and also be proactive for instilling celebration of diversity into the fabric of the district. “We want this to […]

Juneteenth gets greater observance amidst demands for racial justice

Sandy Clark already prepared a different type of Juneteenth celebration this year and then the anniversary took on an even deeper importance in the wake of international calls for racial justice and police reform. “Right now, we as African Americans, we are really going through something. COVID-19 already has been a real downer and we’re […]

CR high school students protest against racial injustice

CAMDEN — Though schools have been closed for months, a group of Caesar Rodney High School students returned to their campus Wednesday and gathered outside with signs in protest of racial injustice. “We have to keep doing it or we’re not going to be heard,” said Sanaa Watts, a recent graduate of the high school […]

Teacher-created video helps start conversation about race

From the Delaware Department of Education’s Facebook page and all the way to Japan, a video crafted by Delaware educators is opening the conversation for speaking to students in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a white police officer and as protests continue locally and nationally. “I think we all just […]

Justice For All Agenda aims to tackle police brutality, racial injustice

DOVER — A diverse, wide ranging group of statewide leaders banded together on the General Assembly steps Wednesday afternoon, vowing to increase law enforcement’s accountability while eradicating police brutality, systemic racial injustice and more. With George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis while in police custody sparking a seismic movement for change, momentum and unity are driving […]

Thousands in Europe decry racial injustice, police violence

LONDON — Thousands of people demonstrated in London on Wednesday against police violence and racial injustice following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which has set off days of unrest in the United States. In Athens, police fired tear gas to disperse youths who threw firebombs and stones at them outside the U.S. Embassy […]

Obama steps out as nation confronts confluence of crises

WASHINGTON — Former President Barack Obama is taking on an increasingly public role as the nation confronts a confluence of historic crises that has exposed deep racial and socioeconomic inequalities in America and reshaped the November election. In doing so, Obama is signaling a willingness to sharply critique his successor, President Donald Trump, and fill […]

Commentary: Better ways for us to move ahead than violence, radicalism

By Ethan Lang In 2020, I am afraid. Not of my fellow Americans, white, black, civilian or cop. Not of the crushing, white hand of oppression. Not of the police. But there is a real and insidious influence on American society. I fear the prevalence of radicals and divisive racial politics that threaten to tear […]

Letter to the Editor: Looting doesn’t honor Floyd’s memory

Not only does the appalling behavior of the violent protesters depict a small, yet savage, mentality, it also dishonors the memory of the victim, who, by account, has been characterized as a peaceful man. Without doubt, George Floyd’s life was stolen by the hands of a brutal police officer, who, also by account, should not […]