DSU to hold ninth annual President’s Prayer Breakfast Sept. 20

DOVER — Delaware State University will hold its ninth annual President’s Prayer Breakfast under the theme of “Being Hopeful, Grateful and Purposeful,” which will begin at 7 a.m. Friday, Sept. 20 in the second floor parlors of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center on campus. It will be the final Prayer Breakfast hosted by […]

Letter to the Editor: Pray for our country

The shootings in El Paso, Texas and then Dayton, Ohio have shocked our nation. Right away, people have turned to possible solutions. Many are recommending gun laws on top of the many gun laws already in existence. The myriad gun laws already in existence have not stopped these shootings. Others, like myself, would say that […]

Letter to the Editor: Yahweh is holy

In response to “Who is Yahweh?” by Carol Hotte, (Commentary, Aug. 6), I do not claim to be a scholar. What I am is a passionate Christian Conservative. I am a student of the Holy Bible, and know that It is the word of God. Christianity is the only religion that is based on, believes […]

Who is Yahweh and where did he come from?

I just love the folks who are featured on the Delaware States News Opinion Page who think they know God and are wont to translate their positions into politics and even history. Whereas many maintain with fervent passion that the United States was founded on Christian principles that opinion while sort of correct is highly […]

Commentary: Of Christians and the founding of America

On July 4, 2019 our great country was 243 years old. God has blessed this country with freedoms, economic strength, powerful innovation, and opportunities. As a pastor and as a Christian, I do believe it is God who has blessed us with those good things and many more. Since the birth of this great nation, […]

Commentary: Navigating a difficult problem through the path of grace

Quite a few states have passed new restrictions on abortion this year, and more are making similar plans. These restrictions include things like a ban on abortion after just six weeks, even if the woman is a victim of rape or incest. There will be court challenges and even the possibility of this issue going […]

Letter to the Editor: Bigger problems in church

This is in response to Ms. Pritchett’s letter on June 1. She questions Joe Biden’s morality. Vice President Biden is running for president. His personal belief in Roe vs. Wade is consistent with the majority of America. She states that as a Catholic, he must follow the teachings of the Holy Father. Even though John […]

Local pastor seeks ‘proper sendoff’ for homeless man

DOVER — When a deceased homeless man was discovered on May 13 in a corner between the WSFS Bank and the adjacent Little Caesar’s Pizza Shop at 290 S. Dupont Highway in Dover, it could have easily marked the quiet end of a sad story that featured a mostly anonymous subject. However, that wasn’t good […]

Letter to the Editor: The written word

Americans have for some time witnessed “hardness of hearts” from our elected officials, news media, entertainers, etc., through their extreme denial of common sense laws. It isn’t hard to understand how such educated individuals can be so defiant and insubordinate. Their deliberate abuse of the law is nothing short of arrogance, conceit; lust for power, […]

Eagle Scout enhances Griffith’s Chapel property

HOUSTON — Griffith’s Chapel, built in the mid-1800s in Houston as the Williamsville Methodist Church, has a fresh look surrounding its building thanks to a local Boy Scout. The Williamsville Historical Society purchased the property in the 1980s in hopes of saving it from further disrepair or a possible move to another location. Over time, […]