Lawsuit, rally call for full reopening of houses of worship

DOVER — There’s now more opportunity to worship in person, but it’s still not enough for some. The day after Delaware Gov. John Carney eased some church restrictions on Tuesday, a New Castle area pastor filed a federal lawsuit against him claiming racial discrimination and constitutional rights violations through religious freedom limitations. Other concerns are […]

Delaware allows religious services with strict limits

DOVER — The state on Monday announced houses of worship can conduct in-person services with restrictions, chiefly limited capacity, continued social distancing, face coverings and frequent cleanings. With large gatherings banned due to COVID-19, religious establishments have been unable to meet in person for two months. Many have taken to online services as a result, […]

Group calls for expanding religious worship gathering guidelines

WILMINGTON — In six-page a letter to Gov. John Carney sent Wednesday, the Committee To Save Christmas called for expanding religious worship gathering guidelines while looking ahead to December. “With eight months now remaining before the communal celebration of Christmas, now is the time for Carney to take proper steps to allow religious worship inside […]

Commentary: Mother of faith is an example of strength and encouragement

By Bishop Peggy A. Johnson Growing up I would hear these words: “Listen to your mother.” Listen usually meant “obey,” and if things were going to go well for me that was usually the best plan of action.  For this Mother’s Day I would say that the “Mother of Methodism” Susanna Wesley has a few words to […]

Letter to the Editor: Lawmakers seek fewer restrictions concerning religious gatherings

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Gov. John Carney April 30. Gov. Carney, We know you have been under tremendous pressure lately in regard to the state’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, and we realize you are making your decisions based on the best available knowledge. We are writing to express our concern about […]

Worship goes virtual: Religious leaders find alternatives to deliver messages to the masses

Congregations have taken a backseat in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gov. John Carney’s stay-at-home order has banned large gatherings leading to places of worship being forced to close their doors. But thanks to the internet and some creativity, Easter and Passover celebrations continue. Religion has made the move to the virtual world. Easter […]

Doctors, nurses in Good Friday procession at Vatican

VATICAN CITY — A pair of white-coated doctors who care for coronavirus patients participated in a torch-lit Good Friday procession, watched over by Pope Francis and held in a hauntingly nearly empty St. Peter’s Square instead of at Rome’s Colosseum because of the safety measures aimed at containing the virus’ spread. Francis presided over the […]

Good Friday celebrations move online

DOVER — Good Friday celebrations will still be happening throughout Delaware today, albeit virtually. With churches closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christians will be turning to their computer screens for Good Friday mass. Holy Cross Church in Dover is recording all Triduum services to post on its website. The Friday of the Passion of […]

More churches moving toward drive-thru services

CAMDEN — The coronavirus pandemic may have curtailed activity across the nation, but it won’t prevent Palm Sunday celebrations from taking place downstate. Using a little creativity, area churches are planning drive-thru services in order to comply with the state ban on public gatherings of more than 10 people and other social distancing guidelines required […]

Georgetown worshipers to congregate drive-in style

GEORGETOWN — Welcoming doors to churches and places of worship are closed under Gov. John Carney’s ban on large gatherings during the coronavirus crisis. Many congregations have found creative ways to worship in the meantime, taking sermons to social media and online streaming. And COVID-19 won’t stop worshipers in the heart of Sussex from congregating […]