Underfunded IRS struggles to send refunds, answer calls

2019 was another tough year for the IRS, according to a new federal report. Burdened with years of budget cuts and a recent increase in workload to implement a new tax law, the IRS struggled to deliver on its mission in the past fiscal year. The annual report from the Office of Taxpayer Advocate found […]

Letter to the Editor: Keep Delaware the way it is

I read Barbara A. Dailey’s letter “Proposed store detrimental to Sussex way of life” on Dec. 23 with interest. While I am sure that she is a fine person with great intentions, to me she is just another example of an out-of-stater trying to change Delaware to suit her perceived way of life. This gives […]

Indian River to host major capital improvement referendum

SELBYVILLE — The Indian River School District will host a major capital improvement referendum on Thursday, Feb. 13. The referendum will seek funding for the construction of a new Sussex Central High School. With voter approval, the referendum will result in a maximum possible tax increase of $63.24 for the average district property owner. This […]

Commentary: Dispelling misconceptions on hotel tax, DE Turf

Sweeney by .

There has been quite a bit of discussion concerning Kent County Levy Court, the state legislature, and the DE Turf. Just when the Levy Court and state legislature have come to an agreement on how to move forward and you think it is over with, someone else brings it back to the forefront with a […]

Speak Out: Trump goes to court

President Donald Trump is asking the Supreme Court to block a subpoena for his tax returns, in a test of the president’s ability to defy investigations. The filing Thursday sets the stage for a high court showdown over the tax returns Trump has refused to release. The justices also could weigh in more broadly on […]

Commentary: Costs going up while officials look down

While our politicians sit in one of their three plush offices collecting high salaries and expense accounts, our senior citizens and people on disability are getting a 1.6% raise. Now I’m sure there are some worse off than I am and as well there are some better off. So far between my wife and I, […]

Commentary: Delaware taxpayers being shortchanged on leased-land housing

Delaware housing is at a crisis level due to the lack of affordable housing. The cost of housing is a factor in the yin and yang of minimum wage. According to Tom Koprowski, of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, who presented at the Housing Alliance Delaware meeting this year, stable housing is linked to […]

Trump acknowledges China polices may mean US economic pain

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump acknowledged Tuesday his aggressive China trade policies may mean economic pain for Americans but insisted they’re needed for more important long-term benefits. He insisted he’s not fearing a recession but is nonetheless considering new tax cuts to promote growth. Asked if his trade war with China could tip the country […]

Letter to the Editor: Lodging tax another governmental overreach

State legislation recently gave Kent and Sussex counties the approval to enact a lodging tax of up to 3 percent lodging tax. This is another example of the government interfering with the free market via taxation. The tax will hurt the business owners who run hotels and motels. Demand for their services will go down […]

Letter to the Editor: Why not Funland?

Looks like Rehoboth Beach commissioners just passed their version of the 3 percent room tax. Unlike the Lynn/Paradee-sponsored SB 178 that precludes the use of all funds raised by Kent County for just the benefit of DE Turf, Mayor Kuhns states that the almost $900,000 raised in Rehoboth Beach will be used for services “…around […]