Letter to the Editor: Trump’s tax returns

To all you folks wondering what President Trump is “hiding” in his tax returns (Russia?, money laundering), you do realize that tax returns are reviewed by IRS agents (U.S. Government officials) with specialized knowledge on how to identify illegal financial shenanigans. If you were truly trying to hide something, I don’t think you would put […]

Commentary: Everyone pays real estate taxes for education

This email is in response to the letter appearing in Sunday’s edition of the Delaware State News from Carol Draine, a resident of Millsboro. (“Everyone should pay”) It is obvious Ms. Draine has never been a landlord, and she obviously has no idea how a landlord goes about setting the monthly rent. This obvious lack […]

New tax law: Believe the bad hype? Local preparers say changes are misunderstood

DOVER — Newsstands awash in headlines like “Tax season shocker” and “Americans shocked by impact of new tax law” may have some Delawareans headed to their accountant’s office with the jitters. But local tax preparers are cautioning against believing the hype. They feel that a flurry of media attention around the Tax Cuts and Jobs […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks for nothing

I am writing to say thank you to Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for the “largest tax cut in the history of the world,” sarcasm turned to full. Let me explain. My wife and I are retired state of Delaware employees and she works part time for the state. We are not rich […]

Commentary: Statewide property tax not a good idea

The avalanche is coming. It may take a while, but trust me, if we can’t stop it, it is coming! If you are a residential or business property owner in Delaware get ready to hold onto your wallet! In March, the State Senate will consider Senate Bill 50, the first statewide property tax in Delaware […]

Letter to the Editor: Taxing propositions

I am writing this letter to object to the introduction of two new tax bills in this session of the General Assembly. First is HB19, which is the school nurse tax. This bill would allow the school districts to impose a tax on property owners to fund the school nurse in every school. a noble […]

Dover couple’s appeal for attorney transferred to Superior Court

DOVER — A Dover couple’s appeal for an attorney in a bid for property tax reassessment was transferred from the Delaware Court of Chancery to Superior Court. Dr. Mazin and Nina Shahin allege that their home in the 100 block of Shinnecock Road was improperly valued due to their ethnicity in a complaint on May […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Idaho farmers victims of terrible health care reforms

The residents of Idaho are fortunate to have their Idaho potatoes to keep them healthy. It is a necessary, but not sufficient commodity, to continue keeping them healthy. Their government is in the process of reneging on its responsibility to provide decent and affordable health care. The state refuses to allow Medicaid expansion and is […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clearing the record on the Republican tax plan

It is difficult to have a calm discussion of differences when one demeans another by using words such as “invective,” “sarcasm,” “poisonous hate,” “class clowns,” “class warfare,” “obscene,” “vilify” and “oh the humanity” when reacting to another’s point of view. Nevertheless I shall correct my errors and those of Mr. Roof in his Jan. 6 […]

Legislators returning Tuesday after difficult 2017

DOVER — After one of the most trying final months of a legislative term in living memory, legislators return this week with hopes 2018 will be smoother. The second leg of the 149th General Assembly begins Tuesday, kicking off a six-month period that officials are sure will be eventful. Between now and the early morning […]