Dover couple’s tax reassessment appeal for attorney denied

DOVER — A Dover couple’s appeal for an attorney in a bid for property tax reassessment was denied in the Delaware Court of Chancery. Dr. Mazin and Nina Shahin allege that their home in the 100 block of Shinnecock Road was improperly valued due to their ethnicity in a complaint on May 17, and asked […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Idaho farmers victims of terrible health care reforms

The residents of Idaho are fortunate to have their Idaho potatoes to keep them healthy. It is a necessary, but not sufficient commodity, to continue keeping them healthy. Their government is in the process of reneging on its responsibility to provide decent and affordable health care. The state refuses to allow Medicaid expansion and is […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clearing the record on the Republican tax plan

It is difficult to have a calm discussion of differences when one demeans another by using words such as “invective,” “sarcasm,” “poisonous hate,” “class clowns,” “class warfare,” “obscene,” “vilify” and “oh the humanity” when reacting to another’s point of view. Nevertheless I shall correct my errors and those of Mr. Roof in his Jan. 6 […]

Legislators returning Tuesday after difficult 2017

DOVER — After one of the most trying final months of a legislative term in living memory, legislators return this week with hopes 2018 will be smoother. The second leg of the 149th General Assembly begins Tuesday, kicking off a six-month period that officials are sure will be eventful. Between now and the early morning […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Millionaires next door’ to take hit with tax relief

I see Beverly Monahan is off to good start this year by delivery to the Delaware State News Opinion page another political diatribe “Let time tell the tax relief tale,” printed Jan. 1. I am not fan of President Trump nor of Hillary Clinton for that matter and that’s why I voted for the other […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New tax plan keeps the ‘forgotten ones’ forgotten

Republicans have passed their “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” which the president signed on Dec. 22. Only select Republicans had input creating this bill, touted as great for the middle class. In reality, the top 1 percent and corporations get permanent major cuts. The cuts for 83 percent of us, “the forgotten,” are small and […]

Tax reform law could reduce Delaware revenue

DOVER — Federal tax reform could have ramifications for Delaware and its taxpayers beyond the obvious tax cuts, some officials warn. The measure, signed into law last week by President Trump, lowers taxes for Americans. But, it could also lead to less revenue for the state government, officials believe. The changes in the bill, including […]

COMMENTARY: Pending tax bill could do for small businesses what Reagan’s did for mine

Left-wing activists and journalists are distorting the pending federal tax cut legislation in a last-ditch effort to scuttle it. A quick Google News search shows hundreds of anti-tax cut bill articles in the last week alone. But few-if-any provide objective and sober analyses of the bill; many seem to simply mirror Democratic talking points that […]

COMMENTARY: Charitable deduction on the way out with tax reform plan

Getting a few dollars knocked of your tax bill probably isn’t the main reason you give to charity. If you’re like most of us, you give because you care about the health of children, about a clean environment, or great arts programming, because a neighbor asked you, because quality education is important. You give because […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A rising tax reform plan raises all yachts

Every once in a blue moon, one gets an opportunity to discuss politics with a member of the opposition party. One of my neighbors seemingly does not appreciate the social safety net programs set up to balance out the scales of liberty and justice for all. Need I remind him that not too long ago, […]