Millsboro mulls uniform US 113 speed limit

MILLSBORO — Town officials are again debating the possibility of extending a 50-mph speed limit to encompass all of DuPont Boulevard within the town’s corporate limits. Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson presented the topic at council’s Monday meeting as a follow-up to its previous interest in having a consistent speed limit along U.S. 113. “Council […]

Railroad work through Millsboro to cause detour

MILLSBORO — Traffic flow though the busy downtown arterial heart of Millsboro is on track for an early October detour to accommodate Delmarva Central Railroad’s upgrade at the Main Street and Washington Street crossings on Del. 24. Millsboro town council Monday night approved a request to allow a 24/7 work schedule following a presentation by […]

Virus jams up Memorial Day traffic predictions

DOVER — Legendary poet Robert Frost could probably relate to these coronavirus-inspired days of staying at home, considering one of his well-known works is a poem written in 1915 titled, “The Road Not Taken.” The roads in Delaware certainly could be not taken this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, but the Delaware Department of Transportation, as […]

Officials: Crashes down due to fewer vehicles on the road

DOVER — There’s ample traffic-related changes during these troubled days. Average gasoline prices dropped to $1.98 in Delaware, AAA Mid-Atlantic reported Thursday. That’s down 52 cents since last year. Traffic flow decreased about 45 percent compared to the same time last year, the Department of Transportation said. Vehicle crashes have dropped significantly relative to past […]

Speak Out: Driving in Delaware

Letter writer thinks Delaware drivers “could do better.” (Delaware State News, Feb. 27) • Five stars for raising awareness, but not so much for the content, Mr. King; you are way too kind. It goes further than that. Don’t change lanes in an intersection. Quit speeding on local streets. Stop cutting in front of people […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware drivers ‘could do better’

This is a commentary regarding my experience driving around Delaware, particularly Kent County. To qualify these comments I’ll point out I am a senior who once drove a sedan 25 to 30,000 miles a year as part of my work. Never had a moving violation and it’s been 60 years since I had a lone […]

Commentary: Long Neck traffic concerns being addressed

As state representative, traffic safety concerns along several roadways in the Long Neck area are among some of the issues that I am often contacted about to seek my assistance. I appreciate local residents’ continued advocacy on this important issue, as the safety on Route 5 (Indian Mission Road) and adjoining intersections remains a top […]

Commentary: Use the ‘zipper merge’ technique to make trips smoother

Highway construction and maintenance season is still in high gear in Delaware. The beehive of activity in construction zones will continue well into autumn and beyond. Asphalt now covers more than 94 percent of paved roads in the United States. It is estimated there are at least 30 thousand paving projects taking place on interstates, […]

Dover’s list of road priorities remains same

DOVER — The city of Dover’s road improvement priorities did not change from last year — but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. They’re just awaiting approval and funding. City Planner Dave Hugg discussed the transportation priorities at the Safety Advisory and Transportation Committee at the Council Meeting of the Whole on Sept. 24 […]

DelDOT set to begin offseason projects near Rehoboth Beach

DOVER — The Delaware Department of Transportation announced on Thursday that several projects in the Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach corridor will be resuming or beginning construction as the peak travel season begins to wind down. Most of the construction work will be taking place on Del. 1 and includes: Del. 1 bridges over Lewes-Rehoboth […]