Speak Out: Improving E-ZPass

Readers reacted to Rep. Jeff Spiegelman’s recent commentary headlined “Improving Delaware’s E-ZPass toll collection system.” • It needs improvement. I’m tired of fighting to get bogus charges removed. I only wonder how many others get trapped into it. — Bill Peterson • I lost $125 when my car was totalled and someone stole the transponder […]

Commentary: Motorcycle, bicycle safety crucial on Delaware roads

The Delaware State Police would like to remind bicyclists and motorcyclists of some safety tips while riding along the roadways and ways motorist can help to make the roads safer. For bicyclists: • Obey the rules of the road. Drivers and bicyclists are expected to observe traffic rules such as stop signs and red lights. […]

Commentary: Improving Delaware’s E-ZPass toll collection system

I had the opportunity to work on some legislation this past session that was the direct result of a concern raised by one of my constituents and neighbors. It seems they were facing an unusually hefty fine from the vendor who does E-ZPass’ collections. As you may be aware, E-ZPass is Delaware’s electronic toll collection […]

Letter to the Editor: Keep your eyes on the road

I am writing to express my displeasure with all the motorcycle deaths lately. First, a pickup took out seven bikers in New Hampshire. Now more recently a local husband and wife were killed on their motorcycle in the Harrington area. These are just two examples I know of. Drivers need to pay more attention to […]

Administration moves to ease drive-time rules for truckers

OPAL, Va. — Truck driver Lucson Francois was forced to hit the brakes just five minutes from his home in Pennsylvania. He’d reached the maximum number of hours in a day he’s allowed to be on duty. Francois couldn’t leave the truck unattended. So he parked and climbed into the sleeper berth in the back […]

Letter to the Editor: Dangerous bike path

I have written letters and phoned officials about the dangerous route from North Shore in Rehoboth Beach, to the beautiful bike path that the state of Delaware places along Gordon’s Pond and the ocean to Lewes. Maybe I am writing to the wrong people; however, I hope someone will read this letter and contact the […]

Letter to the Editor: Straight facts about marijuana and driving

Concerns with regard to marijuana’s potential adverse impact on driving performance must be placed in proper context. (Commentary: “Marijuana jeopardizes highway safety,” May 24) First, it should be stressed that driving under the influence of marijuana is already a criminal offense in Delaware. Doing so will remain a criminal traffic safety violation when the state […]

Speak Out: Marijuana and driving

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Cathy Rossi, vice president of public and government affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic, on the dangers of marijuana and driving. • Ha! But alcohol and prescribed opioids don’t? Trust me, people who smoke pot drive slow because everything looks so far away. It’s not like they’re gonna be speeding […]

Commentary: Marijuana jeopardizes highway safety

In light of the introduction of House Bill 110, AAA Mid-Atlantic calls on members of the Delaware General Assembly to oppose House Bill 110 because of the negative implications to road safety caused by the commercialization of marijuana (as experienced by other states, including Washington, Oregon, and Colorado) and to protect families on our highways […]

Commentary: Combating ‘intextication’ on Delaware roads

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and an opportune time for a more public conversation about the pervasive problem of distracted driving. We know that our members care about this issue, and our AAA club is launching a far-reaching safety campaign to advocate for you as a driver and passenger. Our campaign targets drivers […]