Charter change sought to OK golf carts on Millsboro community’s streets

MILLSBORO — Requested street dedication and golf cart traffic at Plantation Lakes have created an authoritative sand trap for the town of Millsboro and its police department. The proposed solution: town charter revision under which golf carts would be permitted on public roadways within the Plantation Lakes golfing community — with requirements. Current Delaware law […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware toll penalties

It’s quite shocking to see that the Delaware Department of Transportation could assess $87.50 in penalties & charges on a $1 toll. This is certainly a case of government abuse. I’ll be sure to never again visit, drive through or buy any thing in Delaware. Robert CardiiloSkillman, New Jersey

US travelers brace for snowy Thanksgiving, ‘bomb cyclone’

MINNEAPOLIS — A storm packing heavy, blinding snow and fierce winds that wreaked havoc as it whipped through Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska marched into the upper Midwest on Wednesday as anxious Thanksgiving travelers buckled up and barreled headlong into a busy, if not perilous, holiday week. The wintry storm that left at least one person […]

Commentary: Responders’ lives are on your shoulders

Since 2007, Delaware has a law in the code requiring drivers to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles, from first responders to tow truck operators, to keep the men and women who are assisting others safe. Slow Down, Move Over laws are designed to save the lives of our police officers, emergency response […]

Letter to the Editor: Dover parking solution

What? (“Panel vows to find solutions to downtown Dover parking woes,” Oct. 18) Yet another survey at taxpayers’ expense to solve the lack of downtown Dover parking? Stop this ridiculous idea right now. No expensive study is necessary. The solution is simple, return to vertical parking on Loockerman Street, like long ago. Yes, the trees […]

Letters to the Editor: Bus numbers don’t add up

Ms. or Mrs. Precourt, I read your commentary letter (DSN Oct 5) about the bus schedule changes. Most of what you bought up was addressed at the two previous meetings. But some of your information is not correct. How can you say that the bus times are not convenient? If I need to be somewhere […]

Letter to the Editor: Traffic deaths in Delaware

Regarding the story “Fatal crashes spike in state,” Oct. 23, maybe, whoever put this information together, should investigate more as to who, what, when, where, why and how. Many of those traffic fatalities are out-of-staters, using a cell phone or texting. Route 1 is the gateway to the beaches in Sussex County. Another reason, use […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware litter program cleaning up

Since expanding the Work A Day Earn A Pay Pilot Public Works Jobs program statewide in July 2019, the program has collected nearly 1,500 bags of trash along Delaware roads. The program is a collaborative effort between the Delaware Department of Transportation and Goodwill Industries of Delaware and Delaware County. “I want to thank Delawareans […]

Lanes to be reconfigured at Del. 1 Biddle’s Corner toll plaza

DOVER — The Delaware Department of Transportation will be reconfiguring lanes at the mainline toll plazas on Del. 1 located at Biddle’s Corner to allow for a more streamlined flow through the E-ZPass express lane system. The work will be taking place at the Biddle’s Corner toll plaza on or about next Monday (weather permitting) […]

Letter to the Editor: DART should be more attentive to riders’ needs

I recently attended a Delaware Transit Corp. meeting in Dover. This meeting was to provide input and comments on proposed changes to DART Statewide Bus Services that will become effective Dec. 15. All three counties will be affected but my main focus was Kent County where I live. Route 106, which services Dover Air Force […]