Letter to the Editor: Better planning needed for bikeway

I agree with Mr. Bennie Smith that this Bikeway was not well thought out (Senator Bikeway causing issues for Dover funeral home, Mar 15). What concerns me most is the way it is designed, bicycles are not following the rules of the road. They are supposed to follow the same rules as automobiles but the […]

US warns Americans against all overseas travel

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has upgraded its already dire warning to Americans against all international travel as the coronavirus outbreak spreads. The State Department on Thursday issued a new alert urging Americans not to travel abroad under any circumstances and to return home if they are already abroad unless they plan to remain overseas. […]

Letter to the Editor: DART driver union president shares concerns with Carney

Kendall Barbour, president of ATU local 842 for DART, sent the following letter to Gov. Carney on Monday. Gov. Carney, As the president of ATU local 842 for DART, I have been in constant communication with Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) in regards to the safety of the drivers. In my opinion, DTC is not assuring […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware Transit Co. continues work toward driver and customer safety

Delaware Transit Corporation CEO John Sisson sent the following response to the president of ATU local 842 on Tuesday, March 17. Kendall, For many of our customers, DART services are their only means of transportation for essential trips including work, grocery stores, pharmacies, and medical appointments (including dialysis).  We have been working diligently to make […]

DelDOT waiving DMV late fees due to virus

DOVER — Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Department of Transportation is waiving all late fee for vehicle registration and driver license renewals until further notice. DelDOT is also urging customers to use its website, mydmv.delaware.gov, for vehicle services, or utilize the drive-through services at all the state’s Division of Motor Vehicle locations. The agency […]

Letter to the Editor: Drivers should take heed after time change

By Ken Grant Springing into Daylight Saving Time means many drowsy motorists may lose a spring in their step as they face a darker morning drive or sun glare from a rising sun. Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. this Sunday, March 8, when we set our clocks one hour ahead. Legislation is in […]

Commentary: AAA concerned about marijuana’s effect on driving

By Ken Grant As Delaware and other states in the Mid-Atlantic region consider the legalization and commercialization of recreational marijuana, AAA and other organizations have echoed the cautious advice from governors in states that have fully legalized. Namely, wait for more data to better understand the societal implications of full legalization. AAA is specifically concerned […]

U.S. 13 Sewer Rehab Project mostly completed

DOVER — Taking advantage of public workshops and ensuring proper preparedness helped make Kent County Levy Court’s extensive $8.4 million U.S. 13 Sewer Rehabilitation Project go as smoothly as possible over the past six months, according to Diana Golt, director of public works for Kent County. Mrs. Golt said that beside some minor site restoration […]

Speak Out: On Division Street; Dover gun violence

On Division Street Readers reacted to a recent Letter to the Editor headlined “Traffic woes in Dover” wherein he says “The addition of a two-way bicycle path on Division Street (Route 8) at the railroad tracks has definitely hindered the flow of traffic and created a safety issue. The loss of a paved improved shoulder […]

Letter to the Editor: Traffic woes in Dover

Another recent project in Dover has added additional headaches to motorists traveling through our fair city. The addition of a two-way bicycle path on Division Street (Route 8) at the railroad tracks has definitely hindered the flow of traffic and created a safety issue. The loss of a paved improved shoulder lane along with vehicle […]