Jury set for Vaughn prison riot trial

WILMINGTON — After questioning 225 potential jurors over the course of four days, a jury was selected to decide the fate of four inmates charged with murder, assault, kidnapping, rioting and conspiracy during the Vaughn prison riot in 2017. The defendants — Roman Shankaras, Dwayne Staats, Jarreau Ayers and Deric Forney — are the first […]

Court dates to begin Oct. 8 for inmates charged in Vaughn uprising

DOVER — Almost a year after they were indicted on Oct. 17, 2017, the 18 inmates charged in the Vaughn prison uprising that left a correctional officer dead have been assigned their day in court. According to the state’s Office of Conflicts Counsel, the inmates have been divided into five groups, scheduled to stand trial […]

Philadelphia Eagles honor slain correctional officer

  PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Eagles recently gifted a personalized jersey and football to the family of Lt. Steven Floyd, the correctional officer killed in the inmate uprising at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center last year. The gift was inspired by a former colleague of Lt. Floyd’s contacting community relations director Julie Hirshey. “A gentleman […]

Report: Prison still understaffed

SMYRNA — State officials on Tuesday said 40 of 41 key recommendations made by an independent review team after the deadly inmate uprising at Vaughn prison last year have been implemented. The one that’s not: Reducing mandatory overtime for an overworked and understaffed team of correctional officers. In the wake of the uprising at James […]

Inmate response to changes

The purported changes made to Vaughn prison over the last year undoubtedly affected inmates. After the unveiling of their “final report” on the implementation of recommendations made by a governor-ordered review of the prison, DOC officials led media on a tour of the facility and made an inmate available for interview. 31-year-old inmate Andre Peters […]

AP exclusive: Survivor blames officials for prison riot

HOCKESSIN — Patricia May had a feeling of dread when she reported to work at Delaware’s maximum-security prison last year. For months, May had been concerned about her safety after being assigned to C Building at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna in late 2016. As she walked to her office on Feb. 1, […]

Vaughn’s C Building, site of deadly prison riot, to be demolished

SMYRNA — C Building in James T. Vaughn Correctional Center has sat vacant since the inmate uprising that left Lt. Steven Floyd dead there on Feb. 1 2017. After the riot was quelled, inmates previously housed there were moved to other facilities. Ever since, staff claim the building’s shell has stood as a grim reminder […]

Post-riot lawsuit costs state $370K to defend officials

DOVER — The state has spent $371,011.57 defending several top leaders, including two former governors and a half dozen current and former prison officials, against a lawsuit filed in the wake of the Feb. 1 prison uprising at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center. The sum was reported by Delaware’s Office of Management and Budget in […]

COAD: Prison understaffing an ‘Armageddon situation’

  DOVER — The Delaware Department of Corrections is currently on course to spend $30 million in overtime pay this financial year — which would be a roughly 36 percent increase from FY2017’s total of $22 million. The DOC confirmed that it had spent $15.3 million on overtime by the end of this financial year’s […]

Response to 2017 prison riot cost state police more than $184,000 in overtime

  DOVER — In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Division of State Police reported that they’ve spent $184,694 in overtime pay in connection with the emergency response and ensuing investigation spurred by the Feb. 1, 2017, inmate uprising at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center. Although a full accounting of the emergency […]