Vaughn riot trial: Prosecutors pin hopes to incriminating letters

WILMINGTON — The next round in the high-stakes trials to determine who was responsible for the 2017 riot at Vaughn prison kicked off on Monday. The incident left correctional officer Lt. Steven Floyd dead and several staff brutalized or traumatized. The third trial in a series of four will determine the fate of Roman Shankaras […]

DOC employees surveyed on trust and commitment

DOVER — In search of a test subject for his dissertation on “servant leadership,” Wilmington University doctoral candidate Rick Brewer was turned down by companies like Southwest Airlines, Chick-fil-A, Wawa and Lowes. But, after a chance meeting with Delaware Department of Correction Commissioner Perry Phelps in July of 2017, he wound up snagging an even […]

Delaware drops charges against six inmates awaiting trial in Vaughn riot

DOVER — The Department of Justice Friday afternoon announced its intention to only prosecute three of the remaining nine inmates charged with perpetrating the 2017 riot at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center that left Lt. Steven Floyd dead. In a statement Friday, justice officials said “Prosecutors have an obligation only to prosecute criminal cases where […]

DOC contracts with behavioral therapy provider

DOVER — The Delaware Department of Correction contracted with Chicago-based Gateway Foundation Inc. in mid-February to provide “cognitive behavioral therapy” (CBT) programs to the state’s inmates, noted the agency. According to the contract, the cost to the state “shall not” exceed $437,880. “A 2015 gap analysis revealed the DOC was lacking in CBT programs in […]

Prison riot prosecution strategy questioned

WILMINGTON — So far, with two trials complete, only one inmate accused of perpetrating the 2017 prison riot has been convicted of murder. Some stakeholders are raising questions about the strength of the state’s case given that outcome. The latest in the four-trial series to determine the fates of 18 inmates charged in connection to […]

Vaughn prison riot trial ends in no convictions

WILMINGTON — After almost five days of deliberations the jury returned two full acquittals and two partial acquittals of four inmates charged with perpetrating the 2017 Vaughn prison riot that left Lt. Steven Floyd dead. Currently on trial are John Bramble, Abednego Baynes, Kevin Berry and Obadiah Miller. They were all accused of riot, assault, […]

Jury deliberations to continue in prison riot trial

WILMINGTON — Three and a half days of jury deliberations have passed in the second Vaughn prison riot trial and no verdict has yet been reached. The jury of 11 women and one man adjourned for the weekend on Friday afternoon. The jury was handed the case around noon on Wednesday after hearing more than […]

Prison riot trial goes to jury

WILMINGTON — A jury of 11 women and one man began deliberating Tuesday in the trial of four inmates charged with murder in the 2017 riot at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center near Smyrna. On trial are four of the 18 inmates charged with perpetrating the prison uprising that left Lt. Steven Floyd dead. […]

Jury to begin deliberation in Vaughn riot trial

  WILMINGTON — Despite a snow delay on Monday morning, closing arguments in the ongoing trial to decide the fate of four of the 18 inmates charged with perpetrating the 2017 Vaughn prison riot were delivered to the jury. The prosecution outlined its case for the jurors first, and three of the four defenses recapped […]

‘Intentional murder’ count against 4 prison riot defendants dropped

WILMINGTON — An “intentional murder” count lodged against four of the 18 inmates charged in the 2017 Vaughn prison riot has been dropped, according to the Delaware Department of Justice. Charges remaining against the four inmates currently standing trial — Abednego Baynes, John Bramble, Kevin Berry and Obadiah Miller — include multiple counts of kidnapping, […]