Commentary: Lawmakers must act now to secure November election

By Mike Brickner The searing images of Georgia voters braving extremely long lines in Southern summer heat, in the middle of a pandemic – just to be able to cast their ballots – should serve as a warning to officials: We need to be better prepared to handle anything that could happen on Election Day. […]

Commentary: Reforming voter registration would be a lasting legacy

By Dan Cannon George Floyd’s death echoed past tragedies. But George Floyd’s death is vastly different. It made almost everyone sad. It awakened some sleepy people. It pushed some on-the-fence people over the edge. Some people went out and protested – even in Seaford. These protests were peaceful and very necessary to air sentiments like […]

Letter to the Editor: Extend mail-in vote to Delaware

I am asking Gov. Carney and the Delaware legislature to either extend the social distancing provision as “sick or temporarily disabled” to the presidential election or to address HB 175 in the current session. People cannot be asked to choose between the ability to cast a vote safely and their health, as was done in […]

Letter to the Editor: Expand voter provisions for safer November presidential election

We are currently living in a time of great uncertainty and stress due to the novel coronavirus in the midst of a significant election year. Given the restrictions that we now live under, people should be able to use their right to vote safely, and those who work the polls should not be unnecessarily exposed […]

Delaware honors 100 years of women’s suffrage

DOVER — Believe it or not, women have had the right to vote for less than half of the United States’ history. By 1919, the issue had come to a head after decades of intense lobbying around the country. Amidst much protest, Congress approved a constitutional amendment providing suffrage — the right to vote — […]

Commentary: It’s time to remove obstacles for Delaware voters

When the 150th General Assembly convened last January, it went to work on a slate of bipartisan proposals to reform Delaware’s elections system. These efforts caught the attention of Sen. Gerald Hocker, who recently wrote a fiery op-ed condemning the proposed changes, stating that “Delaware faces many challenges, and we have our share of problems,” […]