Speak Out: State worker pay

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Readers react to a Delaware State News story on data showing 120 county employees are set to earn six-figure salaries this year, according to data from the three counties. •What is the obsession with public employee pay? Why are they not allowed to be sufficiently paid without shame? Investigate overblown salaries, sure; this, however, is […]

Prevailing wage in the spotlight once again

  DOVER — The Department of Labor has postponed a hearing on proposed changes to prevailing wage regulations after receiving questions about the potential adjustments. Prevailing wage, which governs how much laborers on state-funded construction projects are paid, was a hot topic over the past few months as Republican lawmakers pushed to suspend or alter […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Prevailing wage wrong for Delaware

In reading all the budget stories these past few weeks with all the wrangling back and forth between opposing sides of what to and what not to cut, the biggest sticking point for the Democrats seemed to be the prevailing wage, and it baffles me as to why. The Democrats argued it helped the middle […]

COMMENTARY: Numbers don’t add up for Delaware Compensation Commission

The Legislature has made the right call by rejecting the Delaware Compensation Commission recommendations. Given the current budget crisis in Delaware, the possibility of a $20,000-a-year raise for Delaware’s Supreme Court justices, plus significant raises for many other leaders, rightfully caused concern. According to the National Center For State Courts, over the last eight years, […]

Delaware lawmakers’ resolution calls for rejecting pay hikes

DOVER — Democratic and Republican lawmakers joined together in calling for the House and Senate to reject a state panel’s recommendations of higher salaries for legislators, judges and high-ranking state officials. Fifty of the 62 lawmakers in the General Assembly signed on as co-sponsors to a resolution introduced Wednesday to reject the recommendations of the […]

Delaware’s chief justice pushes for higher salaries for judges

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DOVER — Delaware’s top officials are underpaid, the head of the state’s judiciary told a committee working to revise salaries Monday. The 57 judges on the state’s top five courts are each paid at least $177,066, but they earn less than their counterparts in the federal government and states such as California, Pennsylvania and New […]