Commentary: Family separation: A tragic American tradition

Injustice towards children has been replayed many times in American history. Time magazine (July 22, 2019) stated: “It was the very definition of slavery that children belonged not to their parents but to their masters”. All enslaved children were freely acquired property assets to be sold, traded, or raised for free labor. The same article […]

Letters to the Editor: Help our troubled children

This is not rocket science! We all know the significant attributes and benefits of well-trained service dogs. Although there have been no scientific studies yet, common sense tells us that such studies will show that the animals being used in a California court program will improve the functioning of those courts. I have no doubt […]

Sussex athlete using bikes to ‘bridge the gap’ with special needs kids

BRIDGEVILLE — He was hooked almost immediately. Before he even got on a bike, Harrison Barnes knew BMX racing was something he wanted to be doing. “The first time I ever went to a BMX track I was 12,” he said. “I just watched the first night and then I went back home, and I […]

It’s easy to spot a four-leaf clover at Delaware State Fair

HARRINGTON — For most anyone who has recited the 4-H pledge, it pretty much sticks with you for life. Doug Crouse, the state’s 4-H program leader, reviewed the words and the hand movements with this editor Friday. “Head to clearer thinking, heart to greater loyalty, hands to larger service — and they added health to […]

Commentary: Beverage bill takes aim at childhood obesity

Every child deserves the promise of the future — a healthier future. As physicians, we both consider the health of the entire state. We consider policies that affect everyone’s health. We see the suffering that poor nutrition causes and we see how choosing healthy beverages is a challenge for families. We have to think about […]

Lincoln teen honored with governor’s volunteerism award

LINCOLN — Jacob Collazo isn’t just teaching martial arts. He’s teaching positive attitude, work habits, situational awareness and life skills to children. The 17-year-old Lincoln resident, a red belt on his way to earning his black belt, has been taking martial arts classes at Delaware Tang Soo Do Academy in Milford for about six years […]

Letter to the Editor: Biden Foundation protecting children

Throughout Delaware, every day hundreds of children receive much needed assistance and support from over 50 youth-serving organizations who receive grant funds from Discover Bank. These organizations empower Delaware’s children to be bold, to be creative and to thrive. The safety and welfare of the children they serve is paramount to these organizations, and to […]

Commentary: Teen dating violence needs to be addressed

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month and a time to pause and consider the prevalence and the impact of teen relationship violence. Often we associate dating violence only with adults, but many times the seeds of adult intimate partner violence were planted in unhealthy teen relationships. Twenty-three percent of female victims first […]

Commentary: Growing up during the digital age

From the Greatest Generation to Baby Boomers, Generation X to Millennials, teenagers in every era have faced challenges growing up. In today’s digital world, high school students are being tested in unique and demanding ways. The Washington Post reports that 73 percent of all American teenagers have their own smartphone and, on average, spend almost […]

Levy Court hosts Youth in Government Day

  DOVER — Getting up on Thursday morning, the young men and women participating in the Delaware American Legions Boy’s and Girl’s State program probably weren’t expecting to be arguing the merits of rezoning a parcel in Kent County to accommodate a pizza shop/cafe with free-roaming cats available for adoption. But, Youth in Government Day, […]