Chipman students sewing ‘Masks from the Heart’

FELTON — Brynn String and Mylee Wilkie wanted to use their sewing skills to help their community. What followed was bigger than anything the two W.T. Chipman Middle School students could have imagined. The seventh-graders started the Facebook page “Masks from the Heart” in order to distribute masks to first responders and medical professionals during […]

Coping with children’s anxiety over pandemic

With schools closed and parents working from home, when the anxiety starts to creep in, what do you do? NAMI Delaware and Meghan Walls, pediatric psychologist at Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children, during a livestream Monday evening, sought to give parents and teachers some strategies to cope with anxiety. “We do try to hone in […]

Governor signs order to designate Delaware emergency child care sites

WILMINGTON — Gov. John Carney on Monday signed the eighth modification to his State of Emergency declaration, which allows child care programs in Delaware to be designated as emergency child care sites in an effort to assist essential personnel during the coronavirus crisis. Starting April 6 and continuing until the State of Emergency is lifted, […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware must act to close child-care facilities

It’s time for Delaware leadership to get serious about protecting its population from the spread of the deadly coronavirus. It is no longer an option to claim that child-care facilities are safe places or “controlled environments” or that children are less likely to contract the virus.  Delaware must act quickly and resolutely. New Jersey’s governor […]

Commentary: Screen time and your child’s digital health

By Joey Melvin With the closure of schools across the United States, students will have some unexpected free time for weeks to come.  Thousands of parents are now grappling with the question of how that time should be best filled. I’m a School Resource Officer (SRO), not a physician, but understanding the development of the […]

Young DJ Sophia takes music for a spin

DOVER — DJ Sophia is the “Youngest In Charge.” That’s the first sound clip listeners hear when the 11-year-old prepares to play her DJ set. The slogan not only serves as the 11-year-old’s DJ tag, but a mind-frame she carries as she continues to turn heads with her turntable wizardry. “When people first see me, […]

Parenting in the midst of a pandemic

By Catherine Rose “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word “crisis”. One brush stroke stands for danger, the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger – but recognize the opportunity.”– John F. Kennedy Throughout the world everyday life has been turned upside down in the midst of the […]

Commentary: Talk with your kids about this extraordinary time

How does a parent handle their child’s anxiety, and their own? A novel happening, particularly one with the potential for illness and lifestyle disruption like Covid-19 has done, is a sure source of anxiety. It’s also an opportunity for families to come together to decrease that anxiety and its effects, especially on children and adolescents.  […]

Delaware youth sports stuck on sideline through crisis

DOVER — Thousands of young athletes are sidelined as the global coronavirus crisis continues. Up to 4,000 local baseball and softball players won’t swing their bats for nearly two months at best due to precautionary measures. District I Little League’s boundaries stretch from Milford to Middletown and every community in between. Districts II and III […]

Delaware students rally around the word ‘respect’

DOVER — Throughout the state of Delaware Wednesday, schools racked up signatures of support and spread the word “respect,” as part of the annual Spread the Word campaign. During lunch at Smyrna Middle School, a banner was rolled in the front of the cafeteria with a bin of Sharpies and a bundle of stickers that […]