Despite rough weather at beaches, fish still biting

Wacky weather, meteo tsunamis, and storm fronts are making for some rough fishing. I know one guy who had to beach his boat to avoid being blown across the Delaware Bay to New Jersey. Other than some heavy winds it wasn’t so bad and the fishing has been decent. Black Sea Bass season opened on […]

Striped bass catching is picking up

We saw a lot of short striped bass in the surf at the Chillaware Island Spring Surf Fishing Tournament, but not many keeper bass. Only one was landed on the beach at 3Rs. Not for lack of trying either, there was a buffet of food out there for any fish to dine on. Clams has […]

Fish are finally showing up as temperatures climb

Well it looks like Mother Nature kicked old man winter to the curb. The water temperatures are finally holding over 50 degrees and we have fish! It has been a long slow spring and the fish are about three weeks late. There have been random catches but nothing like it was this time last year. […]

From Jersey to Assateague fishing action is picking up

This weekend I wouldn’t say it went off, but people have been catching fish and this is just the fringes of the action to come. From Jersey to Assateague the action has picked up. First and foremost, trophy striped bass season didn’t start out so well for many anglers. The catches were low this year […]

Plenty of short striped bass at beaches, bays

Well it looks like we might get a break in the weather for the weekend. A lot to not much is happening in our waters. That all depends on what you like to catch. There are plenty of short striped bass up and down the Delaware Bay beaches, ocean beaches, and the inland bays. If […]

Weekend warmup should hopefully bring more fish

Well this winter just won’t let go! Last year was about the same except by now we were wrangling rats in the surf. Those are short striped bass for those not in the “know”. The bluefish were not far behind. Right now it is short striped bass in the tidal creeks, inland bays, and along […]

Striped bass activity is increasing in our area

Over the last few days striped bass have been moving up the Delaware Bay into the Delaware River. These are most likely resident fish, but they are females full of eggs, and big. No one has seen any sea lice on them, which is a good sign to identify ocean striped bass. The Nanticoke River […]

Rat wrangling fun: Catching small short bass in the surf

This time last year we were rat wrangling in the surf, which is catching small short bass one after another in the surf. It is fun and we coined the term one afternoon, because when we all start joking in the surf. You never know what is going to come out of our mouths. You […]

The big questions: Where are the fish and when do they arrive?

So I decided to do a little something different this week. Everyone is constantly asking this time of year, where are the fish and when will they get here? We all know the striped bass are schooling up and feeding, and white perch are heavy in the mix. The fish everyone wants to know about […]

Fishing’s tricky in storms but they always eat

We keep hopping from one nor’easter storm to the next, and that wind. Heavy snow up north is affecting shad fishing in the Delaware River. The recent rains swelled up creeks and made fishing a little tricky, but if you put in the time you could catch. Fish will eat in a storm, you just […]